The Bet Lynch Mob are our starter-level competitive team, made up of the freshest derby talent in the North-West.

Like the sassy Coronation Street character that inspired their team name, the Bet Lynch Mob are a force to be reckoned with – a strong, feisty troupe of skating skill, honed and home-grown by the Rainy City coaching team.


The Bet Lynch Mob
Photo by Darren Crompton

Things move fast in roller derby – especially at RCRG, where our training programme sees skaters progress fast to the top of their game. You may well see a lot of these girls over the next year.

This new team represents another milestone for RCRG, and is a sign of our growth. It’s an exciting and positive time for our league, and we are keen to arrange fixtures for our new team…

If your league has got what it takes, come and pick a fight with us!

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