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Written on 14-11-2012

Roller Derby Bootcamps

Need a training boost? Why not book a tailor-made Roller Derby Bootcamp for your League, right here at Rainy City Roller Girls’ Headquarters, The Thunderdome, Oldham.

Whatever your skater skill level, we can design a full day’s training, specific to you, led by Rainy City skaters and coaches, plus, for those above minimum skills, we will run a fully officiated scrimmage so you can put what you’ve learned into practise!

Want to set up a new Roller Derby League?

Talk to us about a full-day beginner’s bootcamp at The Thunderdome. We can provide skates and safety equipment, and can teach you to skate, fall safely, stop and turn, basic blocking and assisting, plus Roller Derby rules and tactics, all based on the WFTDA minimum skills requirements. We can design a plan and a set of drills for you to take away with you.

Beginner-level Bootcamps will teach you:

  • Basic skating skills and good derby stance
  • T-stops and plow stops with form
  • Single and double knee falls, baseball slides, four-point falls, single-knee 180
  • Crossovers
  • Speed and endurance
  • Stepping, jumping and squats
  • Controlling your speed
  • Giving and receiving whips and pushes
  • Pacing, weaving and avoiding obstacles
  • Hip-checks and shoulder-checks
  • Effective blocking and counter-blocking
  • Taking hits, falling small and recovering quickly

Get in touch to arrange a date!

Intermediate and Advanced Bootcamps will focus on:

  • DEFENSE: Building solid walls and formation blocking
  • OFFENSE: Getting your jammer through
  • JAMMER SKILLS: Juking and dodging hits
  • AGILITY: Stepping and jumping
  • TEAMWORK: Pack awareness and effective pack movement
  • ENGAGEMENT: Blocking effectively and hitting HARD!
  • RECOVERY: Counter-blocking and recovering quickly
  • TACTICS: How to deploy successfully
  • … And much more!

Get in touch to arrange a date!

Referee Camps

Calling all refs-in-training! If you want the chance to work on your officiating skills with some of the UKs most experienced Referees, get yourself booked onto the next Rainy City Roller Girls’ Referee Camp! A full day’s training will consist of:

  • Referee skating skills, positioning, and focus.
  • Rules review & discussion.
  • Making calls
  • Ethics, bout management & professionalism
  • Tournament officiating – taking it to the next level
  • How referees help make better leagues.
  • NSO recruitment, training & retention
  • De-brief, feedback and development plan

The day will round off with a full-on 2 hours open scrimmage to put theory into practice! Full feedback will be given during a de-brief session at the end of the day.

Our next open Referee Camp will be scheduled in the New Year. Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a tailor-made camp for your refs.

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